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13.11.2023 Busch Vacuum Solutions acquires centrotherm clean solutions

Busch Vacuum Solutions, one of the largest vacuum pump manufacturers worldwide, has acquired centrotherm clean solutions, a technology leader in industrial gas abatement sys-tems. The strategic acquisition underlines the commitment of Busch Vacuum Solutions and Pfeiffer Vacuum to sustainability and will help to further strengthen the position as a proven solution provider in the semiconductor industry and other related sectors.

Centrotherm clean solutions has its headquarters in Blaubeuren, and is also present at other locations in Europe, America and Asia. As a provider of technologically leading gas abate-ment systems especially for the semiconductor and high-tech industries, the company em-ploys over 300 people worldwide, who can draw on the experience of a thirty-year company history. The company’s headquarters and production site in Blaubeuren, as well as all worldwide locations and jobs, will be retained after the acquisition.


The centrotherm clean solutions campus in Blaubeuren

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