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13.11.2023 New weighing bellows from BFM

Weighing bellows are commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as the flexible transition between mixers, feeders, dosing equipment and other machinery where accurate weighing is required.

Designed to minimise any resistance created by vertical movement or vibration on the weighing/load-cells, they are commonly made from highly flexible, moulded silicone rubber.

Although moulded silicone rubber is widely used, it does have two significant drawbacks for use as a flexible connection – very poor tear strength and a high price tag. They are usually fastened using manually adjusted system like hose-clamps which means they can be difficult to fit. This makes moulded silicone connectors a particularly high-risk option from an overall cost efficiency perspective: they are expensive to stock, but easy to break.

Many customers have often experienced product failures during installation as one small slip with a screwdriver or hose-clamp can tear the material – a costly mistake.

The new patented BFM fitting Weighing Bellows, which combine the snap-fit installation and seal of a BFM fitting connector with their urethane-based Seeflex material.

“Seeflex is a proprietary material exclusive to us and is manufactured in a way that maximises its mechanical strength while still providing excellent flexibility” said Blair McPheat, inventor of the BFM fitting system and CEO of its manufacturer, BFM Global Ltd.


BFM Weighing Bellows


(Below) BFM Weighing Bellow on 2 spigots

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