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01.04.2024 New partnership for smart, reusable IBC solutions

Industrial packaging specialists Mauser Packaging Solutions and Rikutec Packaging - a manufacturer of high-quality multiway container solutions for high purity packaging - have entered into an exclusive partnership in line with the production and promotion of sustainable IBC solutions on a global scale.

This strategic alliance will add Rikutec Packaging IBC solutions to the Mauser Packaging Solutions product portfolio with both parties launching a new, reusable and heavy duty, 1,000-liter IBC. Specifically designed for multi-trip usage and produced with recycled plastic materials, the new Mauser Poly IBC MT Series reduces the need for single-use packaging whilst fully meeting CO2 emission requirements, providing a new dimension to the circular economy strategies of our customers.

The new Mauser Poly IBC MT is available in different variations to meet the special requirements of many industries and can be equipped with digital IT devices to foster end-to-end supply chain connectivity, providing real-time tracking and tracing, visibility, and risk mitigation. With the integration of real IoT (Internet of Things), customers can stay in touch with their container/product, having around the clock visibility to product fill levels, location, temperature, shock information, as well as technical documentation, manufacturing data, and loop information (number of fillings and returns).


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