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13.05.2024 Low-cost Conveyors for SMEs

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has launched the EC Series conveyors designed to meet the product quality control needs for small to mid-sized food manufacturers.

The EC Series conveyors integrate with the M30 R-Series metal detectors, aimed at offering a reliable inspection solution “at an affordable price point” for small and medium-sized packaged products in standard production environments. The integrated metal detection solutions are suitable for inspecting a wide range of both wet and dry applications, including meat, bakery and confectionery, ready meals and snack foods.

The simplified EC Series conveyor specifications include a range of options to suit production line integration needs while still meeting BRCGS requirements. Standard components are specified for reliability and ease of maintenance, facilitating maximum uptime and productivity. For example, the modular belt design and streamlined features enables easier cleaning – complemented by an ingress protection IP65 rating – quick servicing, and reduced operator time. Reporting capabilities include OPC UA, USB and connectivity to Mettler-Toledo ProdX software for enhanced data management and traceability.

he EC Series is compatible with three of the M30 R-Series metal detector models, which identify a range of metals, both magnetic and non-magnetic including all ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel and aluminium, matched to different production and compliance needs, and budget considerations:

  • M31R StandardLine – entry-level versatile and reliable inspection in all food segments; high frequency, tuned technology with eDrive that delivers up to 10% spherical sensitivity improvement over legacy models.
  • M33R PlusLine – enhanced performance with very high frequency tuned technology and eDrive to deliver an up to 20% improvement in spherical sensitivity performance, ideal for dry applications such as cereal bars, dry pasta, confectionery and snacks.
  • M34R PlusLine – enhanced performance using Dual-Simultaneous Frequency and Product Signal Suppression technology to improve spherical sensitivity performance by up to 25% and reduce false rejects in wet or conductive applications; tailored to wet, challenging and conductive applications such as meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, products with high salt content and those packed in metallized film.

In addition to the EC Series conveyors, Mettler-Toledo also offers the GC Series conveyors, suitable for larger products and high-volume production environments. Both conveyors can be fully integrated with the M30 R-Series metal detectors, which are designed, supplied and serviced by Mettler-Toledo.

Mettler-Toledo’s EC Series conveyor

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