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08.12.2014 2015 short courses on bulk materials handling

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology, University of Greenwich, UK, has announced its next year’s calendar of short courses aimed at all involved in the handling and processing of bulk powders and particulates. Participants who could benefit include engineers, managers, skilled operatives, maintenance crews, equipment designers and manufacturers.
Subjects covered will include pneumatic conveying, storage and discharge, caking and lump formation in powders, dust explosions – how to demonstrate DSEAR/ATEX compliance, as well as measurement of the properties and bulk behaviour of particulate materials. Full details can be found at: The Wolfson Centre can also offer in-company courses for organisations which have several delegates wishing to attend. Here the date and subject matter can be chosen to suit the customer. 
Delegates attending a Wolfson Centre short course


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