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19.01.2015 Upgraded bucket elevators handle abrasive superphosphate powders

Guttridge, Spalding, UK, has supplied Bradley Pulverizer Company, a leading provider of minerals processing plant, with a series of bucket elevators for single superphosphate powder (SSP) plant projects in the Middle East. The HiLoad bucket elevators supplied have been engineered for high reliability for the abrasive, dusty process streams with high throughput specifications. “The Guttridge bucket elevators have been a much more reliable and cost-effective option than previous designs we have used and they are now a standard component for our plant,” said Dave Thomas, managing director of Bradley Pulverizer.
The HiLoad bucket elevator range covers throughputs up to 1000t/h. The most recent machines supplied for the SSP plant have a throughput of 60t/h and a number of features designed to adapt them to the characteristics of the process material. For example, Hardox wear plates on the inlet and outlet chutes of the elevator boost erosion resistance in areas that see continuous material flow. The buckets themselves are made from 3mm rather than 2mm steel to extend lifespan. A coned caged bottom pulley prevents the build-up of process material and safeguards smooth operation despite the dusty nature of the process stream. 
A typical Guttridge HiLoad 230 elevator

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