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26.01.2015 Improved powder blending process

Dietrich Engineering Consultants (Dec Group), Ecublens, Switzerland, has released further information about its novel PTS Batchmixer, a blending system that features no mechanical or moving parts. It is based on PTS (Powder Transfer System) technology and works with vacuum and pressure. It can achieve in a short time a homogeneous mixture by circulation. The powders to be mixed – including hygroscopic, sticky or explosive ones – are drawn into the blender through the PTS body which is installed on top of the mixing container and then circulated for a while in the container before being fully discharged after the blending process. Dense phase conveying with reduced flow rate keeps the particles largely intact.
Mixing trials conducted by the University of Applied Sciences Institutes of Life Technologies and Systems Engineering in Switzerland have validated the blending performances and the efficiency for a mixture of two cohesive powders. The system is available in different sizes from five to 5000 litres. It has been designed to ensure satisfactory product homogeneity, a high level of containment and significantly reduced mixing times in comparison to other systems. Having no moving parts it requires little maintenance and is easy to clean (CIP/SIP).
PTS Batchmixer 

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