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11.05.2015 Novel mixer blade saves energy

Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau, Paderborn, Germany, will be presenting a new type of shovel blade for mixing solids in horizontal Ploughshare mixers at Achema (hall 6.0, stand C2). Thanks to the design of the patented High Efficiency Shovel® (also referred to as HES®), it requires less drive power compared to a standard shovel mechanism, resulting in substantial energy savings.

In contrast to standard shovel blades, the solution developed by Lödige features an aperture. This results in a significant reduction in starting torque of about 40% and also reduces idling power requirements. Consequently a lower mixer motor output is thus required. The special efficiency of the shovel is also apparent in the operation of the Ploughshare mixer: the torque is reduced by about 10%, enabling further energy savings. The HES is suitable for industries in which heavy products are processed or where the individual particles of solid materials tend to clump. The new shovel design combines high efficiency with the qualities of a standard Lödige shovel: the HES is maintenance-friendly while achieving a mixing quality comparable to other systems in common use. 
Lödige’s new patented shovel blade design

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