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11.05.2015 EASY-CONTROL for FFS bagging lines

Windmöller & Hölscher, Lengerich, Germany, is showing the TOPAS SL bagging machine at Achema for the first time (booth F74, hall 3.0). The company reports a high level of market acceptance of the fundamentally reworked version of the versatile TOPAS series. With more than 2600 bags per hour, the TOPAS SL is at the global forefront in terms of bagging output.  
The central theme, however, of W&H's stand presentation will be the new opportunities offered by machine-to-machine communication for optimisation of bagging operations. On display will be the networking of the TOPAS SL with its production environment on the basis of the completely redesigned EASY-CONTROL user interface, which can also be found on the downstream PLATINUM layer palletiser. Visitors will be able to explore the potential of the user interface themselves at both terminals. The network structure, in which – in addition to TOPAS SL and PLATINUM – the ARGON stretch-hood line can be incorporated, ensures that all relevant data, including that of the other machine(s), can be called up from each EASY-CONTROL operator terminal of the bagging line. This saves a lot of time and effort, since information is available everywhere. As a result, avoidable losses in production due to unnoticed machine downtimes are a thing of the past. Of particular interest is the logbook function, which offers an extensive view of past production activity. 
W&H’s TOPAS SL form-fill-seal bagging machine and (below) logbook function of EASY-CONTROL where production data and events (e.g. frequency of alerts) are not only recorded but can also be filtered according to various criteria, displayed graphically and evaluated in a targeted manner in order to carry out comparisons, weak point analyses, etc  

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