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30.07.2012 2011 FIBC imports into the EU highest for three years

After a deep slump in 2009, FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) imports to the European Union climbed to a three-year high in 2011. The value of imports grew by 27% to a total of 339.2 million euros, compared with 267.5 million euros in 2010. The number of imported bulk bags, however, has still not completely caught up with the 2008 total (worth 358.8 million euros), but 2011 is already the second year of recovery.

Turkey consolidated its leadership as the foremost exporter of FIBCs to the EU with a market share of around 40% in 2011. India remained in second place with approximately 35% of total FIBC imports into the region (compared with 30% in 2010), while China’s EU export share declined from 13% to 11%. These three main exporting countries between them are responsible for about 85% of total import value to the EU. As in 2010, Bangladesh remained in fourth position. Serbia overtook Thailand and is now the fifth largest exporter of FIBCs to the region.

These statistics have been compiled by EFIBCA (European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association). Based in Bad Homburg, Germany, the association provides a European forum for information exchange and cooperation concerning quality, safety and regulatory issues, while also providing guidance to FIBC users.

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